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“I would whole heartedly encourage anyone to join the Maid2Clean group"

03 November 2014

“There are many companies/jobs out there that promise they fit around your family life, but in reality they never do and I have tried most of them!” Says Alison Oakley, mother of 3 and owner of Maid2Clean North Norfolk.

Alison, originally from a retail background, soon realised after having her first child, retail was not going to compliment family life so decided to leave full time employment and started working weekend hours instead, although even then she still wasn’t spending enough time with her family.

“After my second child I tried child minding for a couple of years, with the occasional weekend work. Once my third child came along I knew this really was not what I wanted to do. I was juggling weekend work with the child minding. I started Direct Selling Body Shop products and French Branded clothing in the evenings. I did enjoy this as I felt I was in control of my work load and it was very much like running my own business – but not quite. If I am honest, running my own business is all I really wanted to do but I just wasn’t confident with where to begin.”

Alison had reached the time in her life when she needed to start thinking about the future, especially when life had taken an unfortunate turn and finances and stability were more important than anything else. “I have 2 very clear reasons for wanting to run my own business. The most important one is my second child, Tim. He came into this world only weighing 3lb 5oz and after 2 very stressful years, was diagnosed with a very rare Chromosome disorder called Ring 15. From that moment on I became his full time carer. 25 years later I was still trying to forge some form of career for myself!”

“The second reason for wanting to run my own business was, if I am honest, money! Now I am not saying I am old, but I’m at a stage in my life when I really should be thinking about pensions – I should have thought about it MUCH earlier! Plus, having another life changing curve ball thrown at us as a family, I realised one full time wage was just not going to support us in the future.”

Alison was introduced to Maid2Clean by a family member and it has now improved her working and family life, ten fold.

“I have to say, running Maid2Clean is hard work but it does exactly as it says on the tin! Emotionally and mentally it has been a HUGE learning curve. The support and advice from other franchisees and the franchisor has been second to none. Taking on a franchise is the best of both worlds, you are running your own business with putting in the hours you want to make it successful but you are following a proven business model with the support and advice behind you to give you the confidence to succeed.”

Alison’s future is now panning out just as she wanted with plans to grow and run Maid2Clean as a family business having now taken on a second territory.

“I would whole heartedly encourage anyone to join the Maid2Clean group as watching your business grow it is both exciting and very rewarding.”

“Even though my children are now grown up and pursuing their own careers, I am still Tim’s carer. I now feel for the first time, I do have a business which is moving forward in the right direction and I am able to say that our family’s future is secure!

When asked I proudly say, I run my own company and truly feel, for the very first time, that Maid2Clean is a business that really does fit around family life!!”

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