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FELIX is a large franchising network with more than 25 years’ experience in the furniture business.


Join a leader in the home and office furniture market

FELIX is a large franchising network with more than 25 years’ experience in the furniture business. FELIX offers office, hotel and home furniture of high quality and for low prices.

The most reliable furniture supplier with 25 years of successful sales

Felix - home and office furnitureFELIX Company is the largest manufacturer of office, hotel and home furniture in the Russian market. With 3 factories in Russia and a professional team of 1,000 employees FELIX can guarantee excellent quality of the products sold for reasonable prices.

The company was established in 1991 and has a wide experience in establishing franchising showrooms in Russia, Europe and the Persian Gulf countries.

The franchising system created by FELIX was acknowledged to be No. 1 among franchising networks in Russia according to FORBES 2013.

Why cooperation with FELIX is profitable for you?

  1. No initial franchising fee is required
  2. No royalties should be paid by a franchisee
  3. A proven franchising system that unites more than 60 franchisees in Russia and abroad
  4. Strong ROI: on average the investments are paid back within 1.5 years
  5. Excellent training & support from FELIX specialists: sales and product training + extra training that is essential for making successful sales
  6. Flexible cooperation in terms of furniture design: apart from the standard model range FELIX produces furniture on request to meet better the market’s needs
  7. Low franchising prices
  8. Short delivery time: 14 days for a standard product range in stock
  9. Support from FELIX designers in furnishing client’s layouts
  10. Advertising support: Felix compensates almost a half of the advertising expenses of the franchisee
  11. The package of required advertising materials is provided by FELIX

We believe that not only the professionalism but also a work passion is important to be a successful franchisee and to make good sales. A franchisee should understand the possible profit, risks and opportunities, while the maximum support will be provided from the side of FELIX.

The best prices from the Russian manufacturer

It is not a secret that in the recent years prices in Russia for the Europeans have decreased significantly. And this is true of all products manufactured in Russia in general.

Especially low prices are stated for the products sold abroad.

Why do we offer our European partners the best prices and conditions?

  1. All our products are produced in Russia and are made of Russian materials
  2. Favorable currency exchange rates let us quote the lowest prices for the foreign clients
  3. All our departments are always in search for the best ways to cut the costs of production to keep the company’s position on the market

You become a part of the team – FELIX supports every day


FELIX cares about the results of the franchisee and the training center was created to help the partners improve their performance. Training course is completely free, during this course you can learn:

  • The product range and the materials used in production of FELIX furniture, the difference between different materials and furniture of different price segments
  • The sales technology that has proven its value during the years of its implementation and permanent development
  • The software for your convenience


Working in office furniture means participation in big tenders and projects. FELIX has always been a participant and a regular winner of large projects including the ones for the Russian Presidential Administration, the Chamber of Control and Accounts of Moscow, the RF Government House, the Central Bank of Russia, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, DHL Logistic Company, Hewlett Packard, Peugeot, Vnukovo International Airport and etc.

We are keen to help our partners to get involved in large projects and will do our best to make the best offer for price and delivery period.


Investments to open a FELIX brand showroom include only the cost of samples sold at the discounted prices and the showroom rent. We don’t charge any fees or royalties.

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