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Learn why you should become an ICA Licensee and earn £100,000 p.a.


Government Backing Support for SMEs

'The Government is opening up a quarter of a trillion pound
public sector procurement market to small firms'

Lord Young - PM Advisor on Enterprise

Welcome to our unique FREE ISO Business Opportunity to become an 'ICA Licensee'.

We invite you to read this brief description to learn why you should become an ICA Licensee and earn £100,000 p.a. If this unique and exciting FREE Business Opportunity is of interest to you, then just click the button below if you'd like to find out more including how to apply.

FREECERT ISO Certification Scheme is now being rolled out throughout UK

As the only 'Not-for-Profit ISO Certification Body', our unique Freecert® ISO Scheme is now being rolled out throughout the UK.

The Freecert ISO Scheme supports existing Government Business Support Initiatives such as 'Contracts Finder' and 'Backing Small Business' designed to help the UK's 5.2 Million small and medium sized businesses ('SMEs') meet Tender criteria and Win More Contracts with Government, Public Sector and Corporate Sector Buyers.

Three Key Questions about our FREE Business Opportunity

Let's start by asking you just three key questions:

Would you like to earn £100,000 p.a. helping local SMEs 'Win More Business' by becoming 'Approved Suppliers' to Government, Public and Corporate Sector Buyers?
Would you like to help local SMEs claim their Freecert 4 x FREE ISO Standards Package worth £25,000?
Can you think of a market where 99% of the UK's 5.2 Million SMEs are eligible to claim a FREE Business Support Package worth £25,000?

Well, with our FREE ISO Business Opportunity you can!

FREECERT ISO Certification Scheme - 'In a nutshell'

  • 4 x FREE ISO Standards Package worth £25,000
  • With No 'Certification' or 'Audit' fees to pay!
  • Companies use their ISO Certifications to meet Contract Tender criteria
  • Companies also use their ISO Certification logos within all their Marketing activities to publicise their ISO Certifications and 'Approved Supplier' status

Businesses need ISO Standards to Win Contract Tenders in £250 Billion p.a. Procurement Market

By taking advantage of our unique FREECERT Scheme, SMEs can quickly grow their business by gaining 'Approved Supplier' status and thereby, meet Tender criteria for procurement Contracts worth over £250 Billion p.a. with Buying Organisations in the following three key market sectors:

Here are Five Key Reasons why SMEs register for the Freecert ISO Scheme

Companies register for the Freecert ISO Scheme for many reasons but here are just 5 Key reasons:

25% of £250 Billion p.a. Contracts available for SMEs
The Government wants to award 25% of its annual £250 Billion Public Sector Procurement Contract Tenders to 'Approved Supplier' SMEs
For SMEs - No ISO Standards equals No Contracts!
SMEs need ISO Standards to meet Contract Tender criteria and crucially for SMEs: No ISO Standards = No Contracts!
SMEs can claim 4 x FREE ISO Standards Package worth £25,000
Freecert ISO Scheme provides SMEs with 4 x FREE ISO Standards Package worth £25,000 to quickly become 'Approved Suppliers.'
Huge Market Opportunity for SMEs
5.2 Million SMEs in the UK of which less than 1% are ISO Certified! Now 99% of 5.2 Million SMEs are eligible to register for Freecert ISO Scheme!
SMEs can quickly grow their Business by Winning More Contracts
SMEs can easily take advantage of the Freecert ISO Scheme to quickly grow their business by Winning More Contracts.

Here are Five Great Reasons why you should become an ICA Licensee

There are many reasons to become an ICA Licensee but here re just 5 Key reasons:

FREE Business Opportunity to earn £100,000 p.a.
There is No License Fee and No prior ISO Standards experience is required to become an ICA Licensee as we provide Full Training and on-going Support.
FREE Local Business Leads generated from Monthly Marketing Campaigns
Head Office provides Licensees with FREE Business Leads from ongoing local Monthly Marketing Campaigns to SMEs.
Professional B2B Service you can add to your existing business services
ICA Licensees can easily add Freecert to their existing B2B services they already provide to SMEs as it is a professional business service without any hard-sell.
Create Clients throughout the UK
ICA Licensees are free to generate clients throughout the UK as there are no restrictive territories.
No long-term commitment
There is no long-term commitment required and no overheads meaning ICA Licensees can work part-time or full-time, be home-based or office-based.

What do ICA Licensees actually do?
Essentially, ICA Licensees just attend brief onsite Freecert ISO Scheme 'Registration Meetings' with local companies who have already expressed an interest in claiming their FREE ISO Certification Package worth £25,000.

The Freecert Registration Meeting
At pre-arranged Registration Meetings, ICA Licensees provide interested Companies with their Freecert 'Customer Registration Pack'. This comprehensive Pack contains full information about how the Freecert ISO Scheme operates and the process Companies are required to follow to achieve their 4 x FREE ISO Certifications worth £25,000.

Your Free 'Sales Lead-Magnet'
Head Office marketing generates ongoing Prospect Sales Leads for ICA Licensees driven by our FREE ISO Book (worth £35) as our unique 'Sales Lead-Magnet'.

Prospective Customers request their FREE ISO Book to register for the Freecert ISO Scheme and learn more about ISO Standards and how they can use ISO Standards to grow their business by 'Winning More Contracts.'

ICA Head Office provides all on-going Customer Support
After the initial Freecert Registration Meeting conducted by ICA Licensees, all on-going ISO Certification support is provided to Freecert Customers by ICA Head Office.

ICA Licensees are therefore left to just concentrate on attending Registration Meetings with New Freecert Customers to continue earning more Commission income.

Apply now as there are only a limited number of ICA Licenses available
We only have a number of ICA Licenses available in the UK.

So, if you'd like to find out more about our exciting FREE Business Opportunity please don't delay and just click the button below to review more information about becoming an ICA Licensee.

Thank you for taking the time to review this offer and we look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to join our ICA Licensed Network.

Kind regards
ICA Licensed Network Team
Freecert® is a Registered Trade Mark


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