Fitness Franchise: Five fun facts about fitness

Fitness Franchise: Five fun facts about fitness

Fitness franchises are increasingly popular these days, as gym goers become more aware of their weight, health and stress levels.  

If you’re thinking about becoming a fitness franchisee or just considering finally going to the gym, here are five random facts about the world of fitness:

1) New Year, new memberships: As you would expect, fitness franchises get lots of new members at the start of a new year.  Many people make New Year’s resolutions to get fit and lose weight, and what better way to do that than join a gym or get a personal trainer?  

New fitness classes and systems are being developed all the time

Sadly, many fail to attend after the first month or so.  In fact, a 2011 study by online accountants has shown that in the UK alone, we waste £37m a year on gym memberships we don’t use.

Much of this is down to good intentions in the New Year that aren't followed through. But hey, it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it?  

2) Only girls allowed: Some fitness franchises are for women only.  Going to a conventional gym or health club can be a pretty daunting experience, especially if we’re feeling a bit self conscious and unfit.  The hulking muscular men grunting in the weights area can put off even the most confident of gym bunnies.  

For that reason, there are now a number of women’s fitness franchises on the market, including gyms e.g. Curves, toning studios such as, Motortone which caters to older gym attendees, and diet and fitness clubs including Rosemary Conley 

3) The kids are all right: Not all fitness franchises are for adults either.  There are franchises aimed at children and young people.  One, wildchild, focuses on fun and challenging activities that all children will enjoy, whether they like sports or not.  Another, Progressive Sports, works with schools and communities to provide expert sports programmes.  It is important for children to get into good habits with regards to their health, and franchises such as these can really help. 

4) Fitness favourites: A current favourite with many fitness fanatics is Zumba.  This is a Latin dance inspired class that burns a lot of calories but is so much fun you won’t notice.  As well as conventional Zumba classes, Zumba aqua aerobics is also being taught in some gyms, which provides  a lower impact workout.  Another recent development that is proving popular is TRX suspension training.  This involves using your body weight to increase strength, and unlike conventional weight training, it works more than one muscle group at a time.   

5) Taking it easy: Of course, if you don’t just want to work up a sweat there are other options.  Some fitness franchises are more about wellness than weights.  For example, the Peak Spa franchise provides massages and spa and beauty treatments, so you can get pampered to within an inch of your life.  On a slightly different note, the Theraform franchise uses the plastitherapy method to aid weight loss. The plaster bandages are infused with special ingredients and extracts and wrapped around the body to draw out impurities and shape up.  The possibilities are endless! 

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Katherine Howes 
Katherine was a guest author for FranchiseSales.