Franchise Spotlight: Signs and Printing

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The signs and printing industry has been around for a long time. It has, however, changed and adapted to suit the needs of the current demand and to the changes in technologies.

Since the 16th and 17th centuries, businesses have tried to attract customers to use their services or purchase their goods using signage. During the same time, printing improved, and people were able to print smaller books and even reproduce printed texts.

Nowadays, we use signage and printing businesses for an array of functions and the franchise businesses in this sector are numerous.


About the industry

Printing and signage businesses are not exempt from keeping up with trends. The types of fonts, quality and style of products that customers want changes over the years and it is important that businesses are able to keep up with this in order to keep attracting customers.

Consider this when it comes to choosing a particular franchise to invest in. The training and support that some franchises provide will keep you up to date with these changes.

In a shifting industry, it might also be necessary for your business to have a range of services so that you will be able to sell different products depending on what is in demand at the time. 

For example, Mailboxes etc. uses in this in their business model. They offer a range of services from printing and designing to posting and providing virtual address services.

Signage and printing is an industry that has a lot of different kinds of businesses in it that offer a lot of different kinds of services and products.   

Signarama is a one-stop-shop for all signage and display needs for any business. This franchise does anything from window graphics and vehicle sign writing to pull up banners and printing. 

Minuteman Press, on the other hand, although also doing printing, focuses more on marketing materials like branded clothing and packaging.

Your location, your competition and what type of service is needed in the community should determine decisions such as which signage franchise you decide to invest in.


Is it for me?

This business is a service business and so it will be important if you want to go into this business, that you are good at dealing with people.

Most of the franchises in this industry will require being fairly adept at using technology and so it will be a plus if you are comfortable with this. The training and support that many of these businesses provide, however, will assist you with the finer details.

Franchisors such as those at Signarama look for franchisees who are able to look after their employees and will be willing to mentor franchisees that invest in the business after them.

Most franchises in this industry place importance on the relationship that they are able to have with their franchisees, so consider if you see yourself being able to have a long and profitable relationship with the head office.

Anthea Taylor

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