From Family Business to Coaching Superstar


“I’m a ‘do what it takes’ kind of a girl” says Hayley Erner.

A casual glance at the meteoric rise of Hayley’s ActionCOACH franchise suggests she certainly is.  In 5 years she has become one of the most financially successful business coaches in the world, banking £40,000 per month, with a roster of A-grade clients and a waiting list.   

However, Hayley Erner’s involvement with ActionCOACH began as a client, when she needed help with her family’s jewellery business.  
“When my sister and I bought the business from our parents in 2002 I quickly realised that I didn’t want to step into my father’s shoes and work all the hours he’d worked.  

So when, in 2005, a friend recommended the sisters try a local business coach, they jumped at the opportunity to find a better way to run things. He was an ActionCOACH and it was through working with him and learning how to manage their business more effectively that Hayley got the coaching bug:

“In just 6 months I learnt masses. Before long the business was functioning with far less reliance on me.  I loved the coaching and what I was learning.  It made me wonder ‘how many businesses could benefit from knowing what I’ve learnt?’”

It was while Hayley was having these thoughts that her coach invited her to an ActionCOACH coaching franchise conference and the spark of an idea turned into a flame:

“It blew me away, I just loved the people. They were clever, diverse and confident; the atmosphere in the room was brilliant.  I suddenly thought, I’m doing the wrong thing, I should be coaching!  I’d experienced for myself how an ActionCOACH can transform a business and I wanted to do that for others.”

“I had complete confidence in the ActionCOACH tools and techniques. Having experienced them first hand as a client, I knew they worked.  It’s the world’s No1 business coaching company, so it made absolute sense to buy an ActionCOACH franchise.”

Hayley didn’t delay, she refinanced her home to buy the franchise and then, with single-minded determination, set about growing her coaching business:

Hayley wanted to bank £12,000 in her first month.  To motivate herself she devised some little rewards if she achieved the target and committed to something unthinkable if she failed, namely that she would not ride her horse for 6 months. To ensure she reached the target, Hayley met with the UK ActionCOACH with the best conversion rate to learn how to handle prospect meetings.

This goal-orientated approach and focus on learning, helped Hayley succeed in that first month, and she has smashed every target she’s set for herself since.  In her first year she was awarded ActionCOACH European Rookie Coach of the Year, she has since won numerous awards including the ActionCOACH Global Award for outstanding performance, while this year the IOD announced her Yorkshire & Humberside Business Advisor of the Year.  Indeed Hayley is consistently ranked in the top 100 highest performing Action coaches in the world.   

“Having spent 25 years in my family business I know first-hand how overwhelming and exhausting it is running a small business.  It can dominate your family life.  So it’s an absolute thrill helping business owners ‘get out of’ their business and get it working for them, delivering their dreams.
Hayley has a thriving highly profitable business, which gives her a six figure income, funds a great lifestyle plus leaves her with surplus cash to invest. What’s more the business is running on her terms. Looking back over the last five years, Hayley is more convinced than ever that her decision to move to ActionCOACH was a good one.