Meet the people... the husband-and-wife property team

Aarti & Dipak Davé

Ex-marketer & investment banker
Franchisees for:
Platinum Property Partners
Property investment
Pinner, Harrow
When bought:
One year ago

How it's going so far at Property Partners...

Aarti Davé: "We joined Platinum Property Partners almost a year ago, and it's going very well for us. We have bought a property and we have some lovely tenants living there at the moment, and we're looking for our second property."

On life before joining Platinum Property Partners...

Dipak Davé: "I was in investment banking for about 18 years."

AD: "I was in marketing, but I gave it up about 18 years ago to raise the kids. We have two with a two-year age gap. So I was ready at this point to go back to work, but I didn't want to work for someone else."

I gave up my job in marketing about 18 years ago to raise the kids. I was ready at this point to go back to work but I didn't want to work for someone else

Aarti Davé

DD: "We also wanted the flexibility. It was to find that flexibility to find time to do something valuable, to be your own boss but then still have the flexibility to spend time with your family."

On choosing the property sector...

DD: "Aarti has always been pushing me and has always had a passion for property, so it's more from Aarti's inspiration. Property was always something we wanted to get into, but we didn't realise the franchise opportunity that existed through PPP, so when we discovered that it clicked for us.

"We knew we wanted to get into franchising, we looked at some other franchises around areas we thought interested us, but then Platinum Property Partners came along and it clicked. It just made complete sense to us."

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