Meet the people... who bought an internet franchise

Late 20s
Former solicitor
Franchisee for:
Martin & Co
Letting franchises, online franchises, work-from-home franchises
North London
When bought:
One year ago

Why an online franchise...

"It was completely new to me. I used to be a solicitor, which was terrible, I didn't enjoy it at all. I wanted my own business, I had no direct experience.

When I started looking at Martin & Co I actually decided not to go down the franchise route, on the basis that the start-up costs were too high. I subsequently received an e-mail from head office advising that they'd opened up the online franchise opportunity, which was significantly less capital outlay, which made it much more viable for me.

"So I made the phone call, came in for the interview and the rest is history, so the online opportunity has allowed me to become a franchisee and take the business forward.

"It's all done online, so I meet applicants and landlords at the property. I've only had two people in the last year outside my house asking where the office is."

On the perils of cabin fever...

"Well, because you're often out meeting people on viewings, it's not that bad. People are always calling, it's quite active - I don’t just sit at home, so it's not such an issue. Although, I do find myself being overly talkative on viewings! It's a danger we all face!

"It does create other issues: my wife expecting me to be a full-time house worker when, actually, I'm trying to run a business, but it's great for the flexibility that working from home provides. It's really helpful, particularly after starting up, as I can work all hours and it doesn't feel that bad, which is really nice."

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