Meet the people... cleaning franchise buyer

Had a wide range of jobs in Russia before emigrating to the UK
Franchisee for:
Nationwide Cleaners
Cleaning/management franchise
Bromley, South London
When bought:
Five years ago

Alex Markov on why he bought a Nationwide Cleaners franchise...

“I’m from Russia. I lived there for a while then I came here.

"I did different things, but always wanted to open my own business, then I bought Nationwide Cleaners, started it and I’m very happy.

“To start a business like this you don’t need a lot of money [£7,999 plus VAT franchise fee].

“But if you want to start another business probably you need £30,000 or £50,000 or more. So that was one of the reasons.

“Another reason was that you don’t need a lot of qualifications.

I made a phone call, met the founder of Nationwide Cleaners, Peter Munro, and we arranged an appointment. 

“I went to see him and had the impression he was an honest man.

He knows what he is talking about, he’s experienced and he’s a decent man. I liked him very much and it was like – click. 

To start a business like this you don’t need a lot of money

“So I decided this is what I want and I think it is very important you choose your colleagues and business partners so there is understanding and mutual respect, so it is much easier to work.

“In the beginning I tried to do it part-time, but when I realised that it was so good and I could make even more money, I decided to give up my job.”

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