Storage Franchise Trend Topping


Entrepreneur Magazine and have released their Top 10 Franchising Trends for 2010 – and Moving and Storage Services was included on that list. Named specifically within the category the home services franchise - Zippy Shell USA, LLC.

According to, “Americans move, on average, every five years, and with the economy starting to recover, moving and storage businesses can expect their services to be in greater demand.”

Zippy Shell USA, LLC. is a door-to-door self storage franchise solution on wheels, which gives customers the option to store, de-clutter or move their goods seamlessly and securely. By providing the service using a registered vehicle, the Zippy Shell solution allows access to a broader range of customers, including those in the heart of a metro city, with greater security than other mobile self storage operators who rely on unregistered containers or wooden boxes.

“The Zippy Shell brand was born from a group of franchising industry veterans who saw a market need and are fulfilling it with a unique business opportunity,” said Rick Del Sontro, President, Zippy Shell USA, LLC. “The Zippy Shell system demonstrated success across Australia, and it was a viable model to be brought to the U.S. for several reasons – among them the lower cost of capital, allowing for franchisees to deliver a lower priced, yet highly convenient self storage solution to consumers.”

“From an investor standpoint, we feel our offering is unmatched in the market. It means lower initial and ongoing capital requirements than our competitors, and provides operators with a unique, proprietary distribution system,” continued Del Sontro. “For customers, it’s simple - we provide self storage that is more cost effective and convenient than the other services. We have a solution that enables them to store their goods without ever leaving their property. In today’s busy world, that makes a difference.“

Zippy Shell USA, LLC, a member of the International Franchise Association (IFA) and several trade organizations, has grown substantially over the past year, and now has a presence in or currently serves 25 markets across the United States including: the Mid Atlantic States, Michigan, Georgia, South Florida, the San Francisco Bay Area and Collin County, Texas.

Del Sontro concluded, “We’ve definitely seen an uptick in interest across several major metro areas and expect continued expansion. Judging by the consumer and investor attraction to our service, it was no surprise to see interest grow. Simply put, Zippy Shell USA, LLC offers something fresh and affordable to franchisees that are looking to get involved in a growing market with a unique and patented offering.


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