Why We Bought a Tutor Doctor Franchise


Mihir and Heena had just got married and wanted to own their own business for two reasons:

“One, all of our family own businesses from a Petrol Station Franchise to Restaurants & Gold Retailers and two, we have always been around business-minded people and environments.”

Mihir says: “To us it was never about making money…..naturally we all want to make money, but we wanted a business, or a product, that would make a real difference to people’s lives. We feel that this is far more rewarding and ultimately priceless.”

Mihir and Heena decided to dedicate themselves to Tutor Doctor and help provide the training needed in today’s education system. In life you often have just one chance to learn and with a lack of confidence and distractions students can falter in their education.

This is where Tutor Doctor is such a valuable commodity as it re-builds confidence and improves their results, so giving them the start in life they deserve. Parents don’t have to be concerned or worried about following up on things they have no clue about or were not educated in when they were at school, Tutor Doctor does it for them. Mihir adds: “Our ambition is to help poorer countries with voluntary work and raising their standards too”

The Patel’s have been running their Tutor Doctor franchise for just under 2 months; they are both still in full time employment too, but they both believe strongly that nothing is impossible and running their franchise and working at the same time works for them, however Heena will be handing in her resignation soon, so that she can commit to Tutor Doctor on a full time basis.

Heena has a Masters as well as a very strong HR background to bring to bear on their franchise. Mihir is currently working for an investment bank with over 10,000 people he can apply his networking skills to and get the Tutor Doctor name and brand out there with a passion.

The couple currently have a network of around 15 Tutors in this time, but this number will soon increase, as will the number of students, once Heena is working full-time in the business. Mihir concludes by saying that: “To us it’s all passion and teamwork. Where there is passion, there are no obstacles!”

There is no doubting the couples’s passion when you see just some of their numerous testimonials:

Dear Mihir,

"Just want to let you know that James has got into City University. Could you please say thank you very much to Claire she is an amazing tutor."
Mrs M Smith

Hi Heena,

"Tina’s singing lessons are going really well she is becoming more confident every day, thank you so much for finding me a great tutor."
Mrs G Brown
Hi Mihir,
"Just want to let you know that I have received Susanna’s end of year report and she has got some excellent grades, thank you so much and please tell James we appreciate all his hard work."
Emma - Loughton

Hi Mihir & Heena,
"Tutor Doctor has changed our lives; Alisha is getting amazing results in all her mock exams and is ready for the real exams in June. Thank you so much for helping Alisha and giving support to our family."
Mr Williams