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Why Do Our Clients Need Concept Claim Solutions?

30 September 2021

Concept Claim Solutions are the only franchise of our type continually rated in the annual Elite Franchise Top 100 and have been continually recognised within the industry for dedicated service to policy holders.

Home insurance recorded complaints

The number of complaints reported to the FCA from UK insurance companies relating to buildings insurance in recent years this has been in excess of 200,000+ and the numbers are not reducing.

Financial Ombudsman complaints about home insurance up 42% year on year

The number of complaints received by the Financial Ombudsman not settled to the satisfaction of the policy holder in relation to buildings insurance policies, soared 42% in 2018/2019.

More than a third (35%) of these complaints were upheld in favour of the customer.

Insurers pay out £17m per day for property insurance claims

In 2018, insurers paid out £9m for household claims and £8m for commercial claims.

The acceptance rate for home insurance claims is 82.8%

Some insurers have claims acceptance rates of approximately 99%, many obviously therefore have a rate far below and consumers do not review this data when choosing an insurer.

The lowest average insurance claim pay-out by some insurance companies is £1,250, for others it is £11,250

With 1 in 5 claims being rejected and often the initial offer from an insurer not covering the full potential costs to the policyholder, it is important that a policyholder has professional representation when making a claim on their building insurance.

Our complete service from initial survey to the completion of the repairs by Concept Claim Solutions’ approved contractors is at no cost to the policyholder.

The insurance companies promise of how easy and straight forward making a claim will be that are provided when a policy is sold, as the statistics on claim rejections and complaints plainly show, are often not the reality when a claim is made.

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