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Husse Franchise – Solution to your New Year Resolution

21 January 2014

It’s the New Year, and many of us have set resolutions to improve something in our lives.  Perhaps one of yours is to find a new job or even to start a whole new career?   Maybe owning a business or opening a franchise is what your heart desires. A recent franchise survey conducted in the UK showed that 91% of franchisees reported a profit , which sounds very appealing. Perhaps choosing a franchise proven to be a success can provide the platform you need to have a profitable business.

Proven Product | Proven Partner

Husse (pronounced hoo-say) is a Swedish pet food franchise which has proven to be very successful in over 26 years of business across 40 countries, which makes Husse the global leader in pet food home delivery. Husse is a proven business partner which is clearly reflected by the 1,000 satisfied people involved in the network. This proven partnership has been developed through proven products; currently we have over 300,000 satisfied customers.


In terms of expansion, in just 2013 alone, Husse expanded in Asia to serve Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, and Malaysia; and plans to set up franchises in the United States and Canada.  Husse has grown at a rate of 20% a year for the last six years, despite the recession. In 2013 Husse produced and sold 25% more products than the previous year.  Investing in a company that has a proven track record is a more secure way to start your own business.

In the United Kingdom in 2012, the pet food industry was valued at GBP2.12 billion, according to the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA).  The 2013 growth estimates are that the industry increased 4% for just dog and cat food, based on a pet population increase of four million, with one million new cats and dogs. As the population of cats and dogs increases, the pet food industry will continue to grow. Husse’s track records in the last 26 years suggest we are the right partner if you’re considering investing in the pet food industry.

Demand for Quality Pet Food

According to a Mintel report on the UK pet food market, nearly two-thirds of pet owners think of their pets as human members of the family. One of the best ways to treat your pet like a person is by feeding them a high-quality pet food. Husse produces high-quality pet food for dogs and cats, and we also manufacture horse supplements and pet toys. Our mission is to produce only high-quality pet foods and nutritional supplements that meet each pet’s nutritional needs. We make it easy for our customers by offering free home delivery at our customers’ convenience. All of Husse’s foods are natural and chemical-free so your pet can be as healthy as she can be. The ingredients we use are all suitable for human consumption and produced in Europe in an EU-regulated factory which is also certified to ISO 9000 standards.

According to the PFMA, demand for complete dog food has increased by 90% and for complete cat food by 80% in the last 10 years. As a result, Husse is always developing new products.  This year we are introducing the “Sensitive” line which has solutions for all types of dogs and cats with sensitive digestive systems. Husse also increased the “Pro” line to attract kennels, breeders, catteries, and charities. Husse products offer the perfect opportunity to make money from this increase in demand as well as provide the satisfaction of knowing the health of the pet will improve

Our Unique Selling Point

We are often asked what makes Husse so different from other pet food businesses. There are a number of reasons, but perhaps the most unique one is the way in which we sell our pet food. Husse franchisees are known as “Pet Nutritionists” and our nutrition experts have the knowledge to offer advice to local pet owners, for FREE!  They gather the necessary information and based on the nutritional needs of the pet, our nutritionists offer free samples for our four legged friends to try. When you walk into a pet store, you’re not very likely to find knowledgeable nutritionists like “Husse pet nutritionists,” let alone walk out with a free sample. This is very much appreciated by local pet owners!   

Contribution from Sweden Ends in January 2014

Husse Sweden, our parent company, has been contributing £2,500 towards a full Husse franchise for the last few months and many new start-ups have benefited as a result. This contribution program will come to an end in January. If you want take the advantage of this fantastic contribution offer, we encourage you to book a Husse business meeting – today

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