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Standen & Sons

03 February 2014

Standen and Sons provide plumbing and heating services to customers across

North Somerset. Business started in 1920 by the grandfather of the current owner Jim Standen. The last few years have been really tough for them and they saw turnover decreasing and low profits.

As Jim said “We weren’t in very good shape. There were a number of problems and morale was low.” So when his new accountant suggested he went to a seminar run by a business coach from ActionCOACH Jim was interested. It proved to be a lot more than interesting “It really opened my eyes. It was so positive. My coach showed me that the sky’s the limit and you can achieve your dreams.” So Jim began having weekly coaching sessions at his coach’s office.

The financial results of coaching have been clear. In the nine months since Jim started coaching he has seen “Conversion rates shoot up, revenues increase by

72% compared to last year and more cash in the bank!”

However, it’s not just on the financial side of things that Jim has seen big improvements. Personally he feels much more positive “I’m not worried anymore I see everything as a challenge not a chore. I’m happier and more relaxed and even though I can take more time away from the business I don’t want to. It’s become exciting again and ActionCOACH has given me my ambition back!”

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