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iOB Business adds new services for partners

15 June 2021

Constantly innovating and providing additional revenue streams for partners is central to the success of iOB Business. Having developed their own technology platforms over the last 3 years, partners of iOB Business have a unique selling point that differentiates them from others in the marketplace.

To enhance their partners Digital Agencies, the team at iOB Business also centrally fulfils a number of additional services including website development, search engine optimisation and explainer videos.

iOB Business are excited to announce that they have significantly expanded their add-ons services, with partners of the network now having the ability to offer services such as mobile apps, social media management and pay per click advertising.

This opens up additional revenue streams without the need for partners to actually configure and deploy these solutions which have a higher degree of complexity.

James Mohamed, Co-Founder of iOB Business, stated;

“Our team is always focused on devising new ways to help our partners work with their clients. Expanding the range of services our partners can offer to their clients is always exciting.


Over the last few months we’ve consulted with our partners and taken their feedback onboard in terms of new services they’d like to offer their clients. The new services will be fulfilled by our team which frees up our partners to build relationships with their clients instead of getting stuck behind a computer screen.”

The investment from iOB Business doesn’t stop with the technology as the team is also actively creating new training content in the Learn Centre and additional resources within the Digital Office.

To find out more about their upcoming developments, contact a member of the team at iOB Business.


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