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A leaner & greener route to a home renovation franchise that won’t cost the Earth.

30 March 2021

Thanks to our  commitment to promoting sustainability and conservation, becoming a partner in the Granite & TREND Transformations franchise means you do not have to compromise on green ethics to build a successful future for yourself.  

Creating incredible new look kitchens and bathrooms is at the heart of everything we do, but the desire to make the world more beautiful is not just confined to our customers’ homes. Our innovative manufacturing processes not only transform kitchens and bathrooms into spaces of beauty and elegance, they are eco-friendly too, meaning that you can be confident in offering a home renovation service that you can be proud of.

Eco-friendly design

In fact, our key product is founded entirely on that very idea. Not only is the Top that fits on Top designed to be a truly unique product that will set you apart from the competition, it is one created with reduced waste in mind. By being installed directly on top of existing kitchen and bathroom worktops, this stunning innovation helps you create incredible new looks for your customers’ homes without the need for the messy and disruptive  removal of what is already in place. This not only transforms the existing space with the minimum of fuss and stress, it greatly reduces the environmental impact of all of your kitchen and bathroom renovations. 

Sustainable Materials

All of our etherium®by E-stone surfaces are just as durable and sturdy as regular stone, but made from up to 72% recycled materials. We  incorporate recycled granite, quartz raw material  and  post-consumer recycled  glass in our agglomerate mixes.

However, etherium® by E-stone products are the perfect example of how sustainability need not mean compromising on quality and beauty. Our manufacturing processes use these recycled materials to build up subtle layers of colour and pattern that are at once stunning and natural-looking, giving your customers a one-of-a-kind, luxurious surface for their new, environmentally-friendly kitchen. 

With our new partnership with Microban®, all of our kitchen worktops and bathroom surfaces are now even more durable and longer lasting than ever. Microban® is a cutting-edge anti-microbial technology that not only helps prevent the growth of bacteria on surfaces, it also adds an extra level of defence against  microbes and odours, meaning that our etherium®by E-stone surfaces remains cleaner between cleans.  

Greener Manufacturing

Our decades of experience and expertise in efficient, low-waste manufacturing techniques means that you will receive all the training you and your teams need to deliver a cost-effective and environmentally-responsible service to your customers.

All of our facilities s are constantly striving to make their manufacturing processes more efficient, so that the new kitchen and bathroom products you are installing will have the smallest possible impact on the environment. In fact, we have become so successful at reducing unnecessary waste and at streamlining our production lines, that our manufacturing facilities now use 3 to 5 times less energy, raw materials and natural resources than any other rival company.

So, if you’re interested in a franchise opportunity that is built around both success and sustainability, get in touch today. 

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