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Pack & Send Salford Quays Assist A Time-Lord Fan With Dalek Shipment

30 September 2018

How do you get a Dalek to Portugal? ‘Who’ knows – but as they are the sworn enemy, The Doctor isn’t letting on!

So it’s a good job our Manchester Salford Quays service centre were up to the challenge when a huge Doctor Who fan bought this ‘full-size’ replica Dalek at auction for his Portuguese home.

Whilst Daleks can fly, this one travelled by road in a custom-made crate to avoid any risk of extermination in transit. At close to two metres tall and large enough for a person to get inside, the packing proved a major challenge and the team did start to feel that having the services of a TARDIS – with virtually unlimited internal space – would be helpful!

Whilst this Dalek has fully functioning antennae and viewing turret, it is short of the infamous (and somewhat scary) voice box that makes these formidable machines so recognisable. But the new owner has this in hand and the Dalek will be finding its voice when it arrives abroad.

Our customer is not the only new recruit of the Dalek owners club as this was a single lot in an auction of one the biggest Dalek collections in the world. The entire horde was going to auction as the collector had passed away – unfortunately before achieving his ambition to amass the largest collection of all.

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