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Martin Ladd OBE

28 August 2013

Martin Ladd OBE is an owner of 3 Pitman Training Franchises. Hear how he really believes The Pitman Advantage is what’s helping him beat the recession.

“There is no doubt times are still tough, and whatever industry you’re in, getting customers to part with their money is hard. However there are a couple of key reasons why I feel we have an advantage over other’s battling for consumers cash”

  1. It’s a trusted brand. Pitman has experience and heritage that goes back 175 years and this brings with it confidence and re-assurance.
  2. The impact of our training is huge. With every training course we sell we are looking at the bigger picture of that person’s life and we work with them to help them achieve their goals. We don’t do training for training’s sake and this is what people buy into – what they get at the end of it.

As a businessman I look for the best possible return on my investment and the quality of Pitman Training courses and the depth of professionalism they offer to private clients and companies alike remain the key. This underpins a Pitman Training franchisee's optimism that a sustainable and profitable training business is achievable despite the challenges posed by a slow economic recovery.  

I have an ongoing and sustained belief in the Pitman Advantage.  The unique nature of PITMAN Training's audio-visual courses and workbooks, coupled with many many years of seeing high levels of achievement by clients and witnessing how solid professional skills influence employers and change careers, provides more than enough evidence that Pitman Training has a great deal to offer its franchisees and its trainees. 

As a franchisee, I would not invest time, money and effort in any venture in which I did not have the ultimate confidence. 

I also feel we benefit hugely from the ‘power of Pitman’. With over 100 franchisees and a great head office team we have huge resource. In this fast moving age of developing technologies, I do not believe that a small independent training provider can keep pace with change and remain at the cutting edge of quality training provision across the broad range of learning sought by today's potential learners.  Delivering high quality training at the coalface takes an immense amount of customer care, attention to detail and day to day commitment by franchisees and their tutor staffs.  To ensure that research, course development and marketing are given the attention they need, it's good to be part of a network which jointly contributes to the increasingly high costs which such essential activities dictate. 

It’s also great to be a part of a ‘community’. There's always an implicit friendly and professional feeling that all franchisees have invested in a common aim and share a common belief in the provision of quality training to which others rarely aspire.  There's always a colleague to ask for advice when encountering problems or planning new initiatives.  Being part of club like this is just commonsense as far as we are concerned and enjoying a well-known brand like Pitman is the icing on our cake. “

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