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Clare Darnely Inspires imaginations in Halesowen

21 September 2015

I've been running my franchise for a year and I love running my own business and being in charge of my own future. It has enabled me to enjoy more time with my family than I would otherwise have had and allowed me to see my baby grow into a little boy.

I love knowing that there are so many revenue streams and avenues which I haven’t explored yet, however I’m excited that my business can grow with me and my family at a pace which suits us! 

I love the fact that I have a whole support system at Head office and through the franchisee network. There is always someone available with great advice and support, it’s a vital part of the franchise for me and makes me feel like part of a big extended family.

I love the sessions and especially the parties and there is a huge amount of job satisfaction. I’ve made lots of new friends and feel a part of my local community. It’s great fun and for me, the adventure has only just begun!

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