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Creative Business Entrepreneur Helps Inspire Over 325,000 Children And Families

21 June 2017

Even though the UK’s creative industries contribute almost £90bn net to GDP; and account for one in 11 jobs, there is very little focus on nurturing creativity within childhood.

One company, The Creation Station Ltd, founded by multi-award winning entrepreneur Sarah Cressall is turning this on its head. The Creation Station provides positive creative experiences through arts and crafts classes, and parties and events, for children and adults alike.

Sarah Cressall, Founder and Managing Director of The Creation Station Ltd, shares her story about how she pursued a creative career to make a difference to others through creative activities, with Josh Russell, Editor of Elite Franchise. Sarah is featured on the cover and you can read her story here.

“I loved being creative as a kid and whilst working on Operation Raleigh in Zimbabwe, I was asked to support the local women to run their own creative business. It was a real eureka moment for me as I realised this was what I was really passionate about – nurturing potential through creative activities,” Sarah said. “As a mum to three, I know how valuable it is to provide your children with creative activities as it supports so many essential life skills, such as early years’ development, well-being and confidence. Plus it’s fun! I’m so grateful to work with a fantastic team alongside great business partners including Hasbro. Together we help support over 15,000 children, families and adults with hands-on, educational and fun creative activities every week.”

The Creation Station family consists of a team of one hundred and twenty six franchise owners across the UK plus a Creative Hub team and outreach workers.

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