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He was an Approved Contractor for an Aspray Franchisee. Now he’s a Successful Aspray Franchisee himself!

21 February 2017

“I knew the model, saw the margins and earnings and thought, I could do well at that!” And almost 4 years to the day later, Jack Connor, Aspray franchisee, still thinks he’s made the right decision. 

Jack’s Aspray story started nearly 8 years ago when he became an Approved Contractor for an Aspray franchisee in a neighbouring territory, working as a plasterer and having worked with Aspray for nearly 4 years, Jack knew he had the skills required to operate a successful franchise. 

Jack says: “Being friendly and good with people are the main attributes needed to be an Aspray franchisee. The customer has to like you. You need to be able to walk into someone’s house, be well spoken and get the customer to trust you with their claim.” 

Jack’s advice to anyone looking at buying a franchise is to: “sit back, look at your own skills and work out what you are best at. Not everyone will have every skill needed but, check that you have got enough of those boxes ticked to get up and running.” 

Since joining Aspray, Jack has built a successful franchise. 

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