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Keeping Betterclean businesses on track

23 August 2013

It’s important for business owners that they can monitor employees and equipment to ensure their operations are running both smoothly and efficiently. Betterclean Services has a number of different cutting-edge tracking systems in place to provide its owners with the means to get the best from their business.  

To monitor cleaners, a telephone monitoring system is used. It works by having the cleaner log-in when they arrive at a site and again when they leave. As well as acting as a clock-in, clock-out system, it also provides an important safety net, notifying business owners if an employee fails to turn up. This allows them to arrange emergency cover and not let the customer down, maintaining relationships and standards.

Dan van Kuyk, the Betterclean Services business model creator, elaborates:

“Our telephone monitoring system plays an important role in helping our business owners run their organisations. But looking beyond the day-to-day stuff, it also provides an important security system when a staff member is working alone, late at night. It’s invaluable in every sense.”  

It’s not just employee movement that can be monitored. Betterclean also uses an online system to track all vans and company vehicles, including those provided when a business is purchased. As well as checking vehicle efficiency and minimising transport costs, the system also allows the owner to upload customer and prospect databases and monitor the frequency of visits to premises month by month. This provides valuable data for maintaining the 96% customer retention rate!

The Betterclean commitment to tracking also applies to its marketing activity. An integrated CRM and email campaign system monitors all prospect engagement to help guide sales resources, and also generates telemarketing activity reports – a really useful tool to help grow sales and manage leads. 

“Our investment in leading tracking systems puts our business owners on the front foot,” Dan concludes. “We believe that the more information you have, the better. It means you can make informed decisions that are right for your business and see where things can be improved. It’s an area that we continue to update as we move forward."

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