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Using Technology, Investing in Your Team

10 August 2016

Betterclean Services founder, Dan van Kuyk, is continually working with the franchise support team at head office to drive the evolution of the systems and technology that Franchise Owners use to run and oversee their local businesses.

Training and demos on system updates have previously been undertaken at head office or at network days, but with an ever increasing number of people needing access the latest tranche of updates were communicated via a series of webinars. Webinars save on time and travel costs whilst also reducing interruption, particularly because the network of franchise owners, and importantly the staff they employ to manage their businesses, are distributed across the UK!

The webinars introduced the latest set of major additions to the ‘Business and Logistics Information Software System’ – or BLISS as we like to call it for short! BLISS helps automate many repetitive administrative and operational tasks for Franchise Owners and their management teams, leaving more time for working on the business and leisure! The system is continually evolving, hence the need for training and demos as new ideas are incorporated and released to the network for the franchise owners and their management staff. 

Our developer hosted the multi-participant conference calls, utilising screen sharing tutorials and remote document sharing technology to those franchise owners and their staff who had booked on and logged in.

“I had various team members joining the sessions that were applicable to the functions they operate in the business”, commented Chris Cook from Bristol and Bath. “Utilising webinars was less disruptive to the team allowing them to choose which sessions they needed to attend. It also saved the time and financial cost of getting them all to a traditional training day!”

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