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Franchise Owners stay ahead of the curve on EU & HSE legislation

28 July 2016

With the ‘new’ United Nations CLP labelling being rolled out globally to help classify potentially harmful chemical substances in the workplace, it’s no surprise to hear that Betterclean Services has been working hard to ensure the whole network is ready ahead of the compliance date.

Introduced in conjunction with new Direct Advice Sheets to govern the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) – the new online database provides information on 120,000 chemicals to give more ‘transparent and accessible knowledge’ for employees using such chemicals at work.

Easy-to-understand ‘infocards’ allow searchers to see the key makeup of any given substance, its classification details and whether it can cause harm or not. New labels mean that even users who struggle with English can make clear and informed decisions.

In addition, the new COSHH advice sheets – made available on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website - also help with this process by providing clear guidance on how to control exposure to harmful chemicals in the workplace.

As you would expect, our Health & Safety Consultant, Dan Lee, has been working hard on relabelling our chemical stock and integrating the associated paperwork in line with the new rules. 

As an ethical and forward-thinking franchise network, Betterclean Services always likes to stay one step ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to adherence with the latest HSE guidelines! For our network of franchise owners, this helps to ensure that their businesses remain complaint, without the time and cost an independent business owner would need to allocate to keep abreast of new legislation.

“This is just another positive example of how Betterclean Services is working behind the scenes for the benefit of the whole network,” says Dan van Kuyk - Founder. “Operating as a network means that Franchise Owner’s don’t get stuck in handling red tape and can get on with running their businesses, safe in the knowledge the relevant legislation and accreditations are being taken care of to help them remain compliant.”







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