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Betterclean Franchisees Are Cleaning Up In Surprising Sectors

24 June 2016

At Betterclean Services, we appreciate that due diligence is an essential part of making your investment. That’s why unlike many of our competitors, we only go over the financials when you’re completely happy with what your role will be and the market you will be working in.

Within this context, many potential franchise owners are always pleasantly surprised by the sheer size and scope of the UK commercial cleaning market – so we’ve put together these diverse examples to highlight how Betterclean franchisees are prospering in an amazing variety of sectors…

Multiple Quarries

With highly trained cleaners and specialist cleaning equipment to handle all that dust, we’ve been working with multiple quarry sites for over seven years – and we still manage to maintain our top standard service despite the extreme environment.

Masonic Lodge

Our dedicated cleaning teams are responsible for ensuring the main hall and meeting rooms of this stunning Masonic lodge in Bristol – one of the largest in the UK – are left spotless after every visit.

Dartmoor Visitor Centre

Despite being a remote location with access issues for our staff, Betterclean nevertheless provides a regular, high quality cleaning service for this busy visitor centre in the heart of Dartmoor.

Brighton Vineyard

At present we clean the function rooms in this unusual and scenic venue, but with multiple weddings held at the site every year, there’s potential for a lot more work in future. We’re also hoping for the occasional tipple of the latest vintage to sample!

Schools & Academies

Following changes announced in the budget, schools and academies now have the freedom to employ their own choice of cleaning contractor – and many of them choose Betterclean. We’ve been working with educational establishments since 2009, and provide a tailored ISO 9001 accredited service to each school and college based on its unique layout and requirements.

Car Dealerships

Our Plymouth franchise owner, Ian Bailey, has seen great success by securing the cleaning contract for his local Jaguar dealer. “I’ve always liked the Betterclean brand and been impressed by their professional approach and highly-successful, proven business model,” concludes Ian.

So the question remains, what sector will you target as a Betterclean franchise owner?

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