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New in-house telemarketing service for Betterclean Services franchise owners – and it’s free

22 March 2017

Commercial cleaning franchise Betterclean Services has launched a highly targeted, in-house telemarketing function to drive business growth for franchisees – at no cost to them.

Employed by head office, telemarketers will take instruction from franchise owners on which local businesses to target as potential clients, delivering warm leads and substantial development opportunities to each franchisee.

The targeting is conducted through the company’s cloud-based business management system, BLISS. Franchise owners highlight, from a comprehensive list of local businesses, those they’d like to work with; telemarketers log in to see the list and make calls, adding notes on their conversations. This automation means franchise owners can both target clients and see progress (including next steps, such as providing a quote) on the go, anytime and from anywhere.

The development has been a long-term goal of Betterclean Services managing director, Dan van Kuyk. He said: “We want to help franchisees maximise their investment. I trialled outsourcing previously, which worked for some people but not for others. By employing the telemarketers directly, they understand our culture, our business and, most importantly, our franchisees.

“It was crucial to have it in-house so we can control the messaging and monitor progress and results. We can keep tweaking our communications so that they are just right. So if a franchise owner wants to target local schools, we know the messages that meet their needs. If they want to target doctors, it’s a different message and so on.”

Equally important was the new service being free for franchise owners, in keeping with Betterclean’s policy of rewarding business growth. As a former franchisee himself, Dan has a sliding scale of monthly management service fees (MSF), with the MSF percentage reducing as a franchisee’s business grows; as turnover and profits increase, franchisees achieve better returns, rather than the franchisor as is commonplace.

Dan explained: “All that franchisees need to do is select the businesses they want to target in their area, there’s no extra cost to them at all. This is part of our development to help our franchisees grow their businesses and increase their ROI, which is central to this company’s culture and ethos.”

Jade Wakeham, Betterclean’s business development manager, has been responsible for setting up the telemarketing function and will lead its ongoing progress.

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