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Investing in people

06 March 2013

Not all company owners believe in the often-quoted maxim that employees are a business’s most valuable asset. Many such owners are to be found in the cleaning industry, of course, which is a key reason why staff loyalty is so rare in the sector.

“Betterclean Services believes in investing in staff as a way to retain reliable, hardworking people,” said Betterclean Services Managing Director and Founder, Dan van Kuyk. “That’s why we’ve always believed in paying our cleaning staff more than many of our competitors.

“If employees don’t believe you value them, they end up leaving sooner or later, which means you’re constantly having to spend money recruiting and training people. And the quality of work can suffer as a result, which is why it’s much better to recruit good people and look after them, and that’s one of the key messages we communicate to members of our franchise network when they join.

To ensure that the standard of work remains high, Betterclean Services also carries out regular audits, which ensures managers and employees maintain close contact. “It’s important that staff know that their voice is heard, and, frequently, good lessons can be learned from such feedback, which enables improvement. At any time, the cleaning staff who work for Betterclean Services know they can come and speak to someone who cares about their point of view. For example, they might identify a better or more efficient way of meeting the needs of a particular contract. Ultimately, in such situation, our staff and our customers benefit.” 

To ensure high quality, Betterclean Services staff are trained to BICS (British Institute of Cleaning Science) standards. “It’s one of our key objectives – to have well-trained staff who are well motivated, highly professional and proud of their position and the work they do. It’s one of the most important ways to ensure that customers receive an exceptional service and excellent value for money,” he concluded. 

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