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New Franchisee In Birmingham

01 August 2016

Gary started his new business in Birmingham recently.

He had been
working in I.T. for many years across various far flung sites in
different regions, but wanted to work from home to avoid the exhausting
travelling. Now, he just operates locally and never has to drive in the
rush hour. Obviously, the work has to be performed, but there is no
sense in arranging a meeting for 9am or 5pm when he can drive on
relatively empty roads at 11am or 2pm. He already has several dozen
clients and he is poised for a big push in the autumn after the summer
holidays. He said he is "very happy" with the progress. Motivation is
the key now he is working for himself and he is proactive in managing
his time, but he always has support and advice available from head
office or other more experienced franchisees.

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