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Nationwide Cleaners Hertfordshire Franchise Review

13 October 2017

Having spent 22 years in the health sector, I wanted to try a new enterprise where I could be my own boss and control my destiny. I looked into the prospect of Franchising and explored various possibilities.

It was at this juncture that I stumbled upon Nationwide Cleaners and was attracted to the no-nonsense style of their literature and their business model.  My appointments with Peter Munro, the founder of Nationwide Cleaners confirmed for me that this was an enterprise I should embark upon. I also liked the fact that the franchise fees were not overly exorbitant and that I had managed to secure a decent territory with lots of potential. 

I am now six months into this new business venture and like the support Peter and some of my colleagues offer me as I continue to grow myself and grow the business incrementally. I feel excited every time a new cleaning client comes on board or a company requests leaflet delivery.  I feel I have made a prudent decision in investing in Nationwide Cleaners and feel a growing sense of optimism in knowing that I can, given time, expand the business substantially and generate a good income for myself and my family. 



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