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Nigel Dunand graduated from being a Sandler client to a Sandler owner

29 July 2014

Having accidentally entered the sales arena after training as  an engineer, Nigel Dunand first encountered Sandler in 2007  as a customer. 
Seeing the Sandler approach in action and the positive  impact they made to his company's success, Nigel decided  to investigate the Sandler model as a business opportunity.
He discovered a group of people with no self imposed  limitations on what might be earned by doing a good job  and believing in what you are doing. He believed and joined  the Sandler network.
After receiving his initial training in the US, Nigel set to work building his business, using the Sandler model of 'reinforcement' as his foundation.
As he recalls so vividly, his first business win set the agenda for the next seven years:
"I still remember winning my first victory," says Nigel. "It was for £200 - I actually spent more than that on materials and petrol for the job - but it made me realise: people will pay for this service. My next job came just three weeks later and it was for over £6,000. It was
a life changing moment."
After committing to the Sandler model, Nigel set about fine tuning his offer to realise its full potential. And this applied as much to his home life as it did his work life.
Nigel continues: "My family is important to me and very much the driving force behind the aims and goals for the business. Sandler allows me to apply the same rigorous discipline to my family life that I apply to my work life. I can take Fridays off, I can have a long
weekend. The strategic and considered approach I've learned in business applies equally at home. It's about prioritising. There's no point having a business if you're not enjoying it."
With his work/life balance in check, Nigel continues to win more and more business, invoicing for substantial amounts every month. This kind of progress, and the solidity of the Sandler model, has allowed him to reassess his goals and ambitions.
"I have set a goal of earning £1million revenue and then £1million in profit" Nigel concludes. "I know they are both possible - I am already invoicing over £100,000 some months - so I am working purposefully towards achieving that more regularly and in the
process achieving both of my financial goals. Not next week or even next year perhaps, but I can see the day coming." <June 2014>


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