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Lisette Howlett proves there's more to the Sandler model than just training…

29 July 2014

With an impressive background in business development  for both national and global organisations, Lisette  Howlett first encountered Sandler as a client in 2010. At  the time she wasn't actively looking for a franchise  opportunity, but she soon recognised a chance to build  her skills and distinctive approach upon the proven f oundations of the Sandler methodology.

"Sandler was just a great opportunity," says Lisette. "It offered the freedom to incorporate some of my own ideas and skills into a welldefined model. But more than this, it's provided the potential to be involved in developing some of Sandler's own intellectual property."

And it was this opportunity to not just take advantage of the Sandler model, but to help shape it and become a respected thought-leader within the industry, that has allowed Lisette to take her Sandler business, her career and the satisfaction she receives from both to the next level:

"If the Sandler model had been restrictive, I wouldn't have got involved. Instead, I've been able to move my own ambitions and methodology forward. I'm actually currently writing a book that calls upon my experience and background, looking in-depth at attracting and retaining talent the Sandler way."

On top of this, Lisette is developing a marketing works programme that touches upon strategic planning and marketing plans that help business growth. The programme, which it's hoped will become a Sandler ‘product’ in the near future, challenges the more traditional features and benefits-driven marketing training that Lisette feels is becoming outdated.

Lisette's ambition and determination to keep moving forward - both as a consultant and a thought-leader - has been recognised throughout the Sandler network. In fact, she was named the Sandler Franchisee of the Year in 2013, recognition of her success and her
ability to inspire others. And her ambitions just keep getting bigger:
"My overall goal is to build a business of six people. I also want to be all over the professional services business  - it fits with corporate background and my work training what I call reluctant sales people'. If I were to offer  advice to anyone thinking of joining the Sandler network, it would be to commit fully into it. Once you do that,  the potential to succeed is immeasurable."


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