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Sandler Training turns 50: global reach with a local touch

05 September 2017

Sandler Training is enjoying an envious milestone as it celebrates its 50th anniversary as a global brand. 

The sales and management consultancy was founded by David Sandler in 1967 and has since developed into a genuine global leader in its field, with its services focused firmly on authenticity, sales psychology and constant innovation.

The franchise reached the UK in 1994 under the leadership of Shaun and Fiona Thomson, who continue to drive a thriving domestic network where franchisees enjoy one of the most collaborative set-ups in world franchising.

Fiona says that the brand’s ‘global reach with a local touch’ has been central to the brand’s longevity – and has a major impact on the growth of franchisees.

She said: “The reason we’re still here after 50 years is our international footprint and here in the UK we have a very strong footprint too. It enables franchisees globally to share a great deal of business amongst themselves – if someone’s working with an overseas company that has a representative based in the UK, we can train their people locally without having to fly people around for a seminar. And of course, the training is culturally adjusted to each marketplace, delivered by a local expert.

“We have internal systems to facilitate this sharing of business. It also means wherever they are in the world, a company’s teams are trained by certified Sandler people across a universal platform. It works brilliantly for our franchisees.”

Even after 50 years in business, Sandler continues to innovate to remain at the pinnacle of its market. This year saw the launch of Sandler Online, a new multimedia system that means franchisees and their clients have thousands of resources accessible at the touch of a screen.

“It’s years ahead of anything anyone else has,” says Fiona. “And that’s just one reason why we enter Sandler’s sixth decade with flourishing franchisees, and confident that we continue to lead the way with unrivalled brand heritage and innovation.”

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