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Metro Plumb – Just how big is the market for plumbing services?

15 April 2016

Metro Rod are one of the UK’s leading reactive drainage businesses and have been busy servicing the nations drains, sewers and toilets successfully for over 30 years. With a turnover of over £30 Million and growing by over 10% per annum the business was looking for complimentary but different areas into which to expand.

In the UK the contract plumbing market was estimated to be c£14.7 billion per annum in 2014 and the market is expected to be worth £17.1bn by then end of 2017**. Clean water plumbing services are a natural partner service to drainage and the decision, therefore, was taken by Metro Services Group to launch a plumbing service which would prove attractive to many of Metro Rods existing 400 key account customer base.

As drainage is delivered highly successfully and efficiently using a franchise territory based model it seemed logical to extend this delivery method to plumbing. Metro Rod has over 40 franchisees delivering drainage services profitably all across the UK. Many of these franchisees started their businesses operating as a “man in a van” but have subsequently gone on to develop large scale businesses with turnovers in excess of £1million per annum.

Chris Hirst, Franchise Director of Metro Plumb said: “Franchising is a proven and entrepreneurial model we have used to deliver a successful customer based service confidently into our large key account customer base for many years. This has led to  huge growth and profit potential for our franchisees and we believe by  utilising our existing expertise in franchising and  leveraging our existing assets of a 24/7/365 call centre, accounts  and existing field based technical and business development functions we can create another successful business for new franchisees ”

With a market set for significant growth and a proven support provider backing the initiative ‘Metro Plumb’ the new franchise opportunity from the Metro Services Group is looking forward to making a huge splash. Get in touch now to find out if a territory near you is still available.

** Research & Markets: Plumbing Contractors Market Report - UK 2015-2019 Analysis

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