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Smith & Henderson Survey

13 November 2013

Brilliant results!

TaxAssist Accountants have recently commissioned Smith & Henderson to carry out a Franchise Satisfaction Benchmark survey.

"To summarise, there has been an overall 4% improvement, driven by significant gains in Value & Rewards and General Satisfaction.  This gives you an overall score of 86%, which is the highest we have ever had for a franchisor with more than 75 franchisees - congratulations."

Smith & Henderson are a leading independent franchise consultancy that helps reputable franchisors to improve franchise network performance and growth.

The objective is to identify and understand how the franchise is performing through the eyes of its franchisees.  The report covers the critical areas of training and support, product and services, marketing, franchisee-franchisor relations, stewardship and rewards.

Karl Sandall Chief Executive comments "Thanks must go to all the support centre staff and our partners who have contributed to our franchisees' satisfaction levels reflected in this survey.  I see this very much as a 'team' result.  By team I mean the support centre in Norwich, our partners, our franchisees and our franchisees'  staff.

Please be assured I am not complacent and wish to see even higher scores at the next survey!"

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