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Domestic helpers hit boom time

15 September 2019

British households are paying out £26 billion a year.

Excerpts of the article posted by M Fawcett in the esure news-centre on their website in September 20, 2016

  • One in three (34%) households now employ someone to help with domestic chores
  • Of these, nearly five million Brits now have a cleaner – an increase of 24% compared with 2011
  • Almost twice as many under 35’s have a cleaner compared to those aged over 35
  • Domestic help no longer the preserve of the rich, with one in four households with an income under £20,000 now hiring some form of help
  • One in three (34%) households now hire some form of domestic help with an average spend of £127 per monthI.

The research, from esure home insurance, reveals having a cleaner or gardener is now a normal part of family life, with 17 millioniiUK households now employing someone to help them with domestic chores. In fact, one in four (27%) households on modest incomes (earning between £10,000 and £20,000 per year) now hire regular help, with the average spend as much as 10 per cent of their annual income.

The number of people in the UK that employ a cleaner has surged by a quarter (24%) since 2011iii, with more than 4.7 millioniv Brits (9%) now hiring one and it is those under the age of 34 that are driving the trend. Almost twicev as many Generation Y-ers have a cleaner compared to those aged 35 and over – the highest proportion of any age group. These members of ‘Generation Y-Should-I-Clean’ say they (25%) would rather do other things with their free time than dust and vacuum, and one in four (22%) find the work too boring to do themselves.

Across the nation, working long hours (18%) and a busy social life (23%) is the main motivation for hiring a cleaner. While one in three (33%) simply say it’s just easier to hire a professional to do chores properly.

Generation Y are paying out the most for their hired help, with the under 35s spending an average of £204 last month, compared to the average of £127 and men pay 42 per cent more than women (£145 versus £103) on domestic help with £1,300 being paid out per household in an average year.

Nikki Sellers, head of home insurance at esure said: “We are leading busier lives than ever so employing someone to help out in and around the home is no longer something for the wealthy few. However when hiring someone to work in your home, whether you are going to be there or not, it is really important to ensure you have checked out their references and if something is broken or damaged check that you have insurance in place.”

The Happy Angel Company is a 1st class domestic, commercial cleaning and housekeeping business, delivering first class results. We are fully insured and we supply all our own materials. We train and manage our staff very closely and are fully referenced checked to ensure the clients piece of mind.

The Happy Angel Company was established in 2013 by Yvonne Williams and her husband after becoming thoroughly disillusioned with corporate life. The Happy Angel Company has developed a very strong reputation, not only in the domestic cleaning market, but also in the holiday let housekeeping service, hospital to home helping hands service, together with the commercial cleaning service.

The Happy Angel Company offers a very flexible and reliable service which is designed around the needs of the individual from daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits. Every home is unique and client requirements are different, therefore we initially arrange to meet which each home owner at their property, in order to discuss their individual requirements and to give an accurate assessment of their needs. This also gives us a chance to ‘marry up’ clients with the cleaner who we feel will best suit each other, therefore insuring a happy relationship between the client and their cleaner.

No previous industry experience is required as our comprehensive training will ensure that you will quickly be in a position to run your own Happy Angel Franchise knowing that you have a dedicated team behind you, ready and willing to help and support you whenever you need them.

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Research was conducted by Opinium among 2,018 nationally representative UK adults (18+) in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Research was carried out from the 1 March to 4 March 2016.

I 17,482,625 Brits hire help in the home (34%) and they pay an average £127 a month or £1,524 a year. 17,482,625 x £1,524 = £26,643,520,500
ii 693 out of 2018 respondents employ domestic staff. 693 / 2018 * 50,909,000 = 17,482,625 or 17 million.
iii 188 respondents of all ages said they have a cleaner, while 152 said they had a cleaner in 2011. 188 / 152 = 1.24 or an increase of 24%. 8% of respondents employed a cleaner in 2011, 9% of respondents employ a cleaner now – an increase of 24%
iv According to the research 188 out of 2018 respondents (9%) employ a cleaner, 188 / 2018 * 50,909,000 (UK adult population) is 4,742,761 or 4.7 million.
v 16% of respondents aged 20-34 years said they have a cleaner at present, compared to 9% on average.


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