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A Day in the Life of a Happy Angel Franchisee

17 September 2019

In all fairness, with Happy Angel, no two days are the same; we get a different snap shot of our client’s lives on each and every visit.

As a Happy Angel franchisee you will experience births, deaths, marriages, promotions, children’s graduations, first day at primary school, secondary school, their exam results, their exultation, their depression and even their grief.

You will be a huge part of your client’s lives because you look after not only your client’s homes, but you become a part of their home; yet you stand apart from their everyday lives. A Happy Angel franchisee is, however, a rock to their family existence in as much as we provide a consistent presence with housekeeping.

You may become their ears, their eye’s and their counsellors; and founder Yvonne would not change a moment of her working week, saying: “I swapped a hugely stressful corporate lifestyle of high target rating and commuting, to a housekeeping role and I have honestly never regretted it. Working for myself has made me realise that I should have done this years ago.”

At Happy Angel we are all working for a common goal and you would be involved with a business that provides job satisfaction and a good level of income… so why not come and join the Happy Angel family?

We are looking for people who want to be masters of their own destiny, instead of running in the rat race!

Do you want…

  • freedom to make your own decisions,
  • the ability to structure your work around your family commitments,
  • to have a business that provides both job satisfaction and a good level of income?

Are you…

  • committed to, and value, customer care?
  • wanting to become part of team who are committed to helping others enjoy running their own business?

No previous industry experience is required as our comprehensive training will ensure that you will quickly be in a position to run your own Happy Angel Franchise knowing that you have a dedicated team behind you, ready and willing to help and support you whenever you need them.

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