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Dream Doors Franchisees Reap the Rewards of Self-Employment

11 August 2017

“We have never felt more at home whilst working!”- Dream Doors Franchisees reap the rewards of self-employment.

Like most of their fellow franchisees Mark and Rachael, owners of Dream Doors Chesterfield, weren’t experts in kitchen design before joining the kitchen door replacement franchise. Mark had previously worked as a manager for the Royal Mail whilst Rachael was a teaching assistant. When asked what initially attracted Mark to Dream Doors, he said:

“I had always dreamt of owning my own business, although the risks were a concern – especially for someone new to self-employment. I made sure to inspect every option, visiting franchise exhibitions and scanning the internet for hours on end. That’s where I ran into Dream Doors. I was immediately struck by the advantages of the business and, with the quality training on offer and consistent support promised, Dream Doors became a no-brainer.”

Mark always had an interest in interior design, and was an avid viewer of big budget home makeover shows. Naturally, Dream Doors own kitchen makeover service quickly appealed to him, as did the award-winning franchise company’s long-established reputation. It wasn’t long before Mark was sold on becoming a franchisee with the company.

“Looking at the business model it’s easy to see why Dream Doors is such a successful franchise. Replacing the doors and worktops of a kitchen to give it a brand-new look at a fraction of the price is an incredibly sought-after service that’s bound to attract a lot of attention.”

Eventually Rachael decided to join Mark in his new venture, and the two transformed the business to provide the professional, polite and efficient service that they have become renowned for. Rachael says:

“Thanks to the mentoring and support of our Business Development Manager, Deena, as well as the top-notch assistance from Dream Doors’ Head Office I could catch up fast and do my part as Mark’s partner in the business.”

Mark and Rachael have worked incredibly hard during their short time as Dream Doors franchisees. Importantly, though, they say it was all well worth the effort:

“The rewards in this business are tangible, not just financially but emotionally as well,” says Mark. “It feels great providing a high-quality service to such incredible people – local homeowners like ourselves. Sure, at first it was hard and perhaps a bit lonely, but as time went on we gained a fantastic reputation. We starting winning lots of business through word of mouth and can now count dozens of positive reviews on the independent consumer monitoring website, Checkatrade. All of that gave us huge confidence, further reinforcing the idea that this is the perfect role for us and that the business is truly ours. We have never felt more at home whilst working!”

It’s clear the couple have truly embraced the Dream Doors franchise model, working tirelessly to improve themselves and the business. What’s more, the business has given them such as sense of accomplishment that, says Mark, they would “…happily do it all over again, no questions asked!”

Finally, when asked what advice she’d give to those thinking of going into a franchise business. Rachael said:

“Do your research, that’s the most important thing. Be efficient, hire a bookkeeper and an accountant and be prepared for hard work and long days. It’s not a walk in the park but is definitely worth it in the end.”

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