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Eddie snaps up Dream Doors showroom after seven year wait

19 February 2019

A SEVEN-year conversation with Dream Doors has finally led to Eddie Shiels coming on board and taking on a showroom.

He had long been impressed by the company’s management style and believed in the product, but the time wasn’t right for him to make the move until now.

Once the established territory of Windsor became available, it was a different story and Eddie came on board.

Eddie, who has been running an estate agency for the last three years, said: “I first met Alex (Waite, director of franchise recruitment for Dream Doors) in 2011 and I was running a recycling company at the time.

“When I later sold that firm, I got back in touch with Alex, but the time wasn’t right and the right opportunity was not available.

“I got into estate agency work for a time but then later decided it was time for a change again.”

Eddie had enquired about other Dream Doors territories that had been resold, but when Windsor came up in conversation with Alex, he said he would jump at the chance to work there.

Eddie, who is originally from Derry, said: “As an established Dream Doors showroom it means the hard work of setting up has already been done, so to speak.”

He added: “When it comes to Dream Doors I’ve always really liked the product and the quality of the product. It sounds a bit corny, but I believe in it; I don’t think I would be able to sell something for a living if I didn’t personally believe in the value of it.

“I wouldn’t be happy to just sell anything - it has to be something that would work for me. On top of that Alex and the team have always seemed to be very genuine people that I definitely feel I could work with.”

Dream Doors is looking for more talented franchisees like Eddie who are ready to generate huge profits by representing an industry-leading brand.

Dream Doors’ recruitment team will host two exclusive Discovery Days in Newcastle on Saturday, March 16 and in Manchester on Sunday, March 17.

There are just 19 new franchise territories available nationwide, particularly in the North East, North West, Yorkshire and Scotland.


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