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Passionate about fitness? Check out this inclusive, lucrative business model with a low-cost set up & potential for multi-site growth.

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  • Finance requirements
    Total Investment: £100000
    Minimum Investment: £50,000
  • Available areas
    Opportunities are available throughout the UK.


THE Shredquarters franchises available now in the UK

A new homegrown British gym franchise that has continued to sell franchises through lockdown, with all franchisees not only meeting but exceeding their profit and growth plan.


"We set out to be the best; to forge deeper more profitable and longer relationships with our members. We focus on running structured classes with a high trainer-member ratio, which keeps people engaged so they value their time at their local Shredquarters."

Adam, Founder of SHREDQUARTERS

ABOUT THE Shredquarters


As the UK looks to head out of the COVID pandemic, the wellness industry is set to take off.

Are you passionate about health and industry? With our low-cost, inclusive and lucrative business model with the potential for multi-site growth, this is a chance for you to combine both.

The high intensity’ Shred Sessions’ are a trademark, mixing strength and cardio to burn fat and build up fitness. ‘Commando Classes’ include Olympic barbell lifting style classes focused entirely on resistance-based weight training for gaining strength, muscle and definition. We also have ‘Core/Yoga’ classes that improve stability and flexibility, while a separate ‘Shred Beginners’ class centres on form and technique, making it a great starting point for anyone with little or no gym experience.

We have also recently added full online service and outdoor boot camps so that both during and post-COVID, we have a complete exercise platform to meet everybody’s needs.


You’re free to choose to begin as a trainer or employ trainers so you can focus on the business side of your franchise. This set-up is also excellent for couples.

Whatever your skill set, we can guide you in preparing a detailed business plan and finding the necessary investment and your expected returns.

Finding your premises is the most crucial factor in the set-up cost/timescales, but we will assist with this as well.

Multiple income streams are available to you from your members and weekly subscriptions, meaning you need far less working capital than a traditional model to grow your gym.


We know this stuff inside out, as we have built multimillion-pound businesses and operated alongside some of the UK’s biggest brands.

We provide the support you need to set up, operate and develop your new Shredquarters business:

  • Funding support available.
  • Sourcing premises, equipment and a complete fit-out.
  • Guidance in recruiting and training all your staff.
  • A comprehensive business management tool to run your gym(s).
  • Launch marketing programme and member engagement.
  • Ever-evolving course programmes to keep members engaged.
  • Ongoing business development, marketing and tailored support.


Post-COVID, the whole country now understands the importance of being healthy. The fitness industry will ride a wave, with boutique functional fitness gyms at the forefront.

The reason Shredquarters can deliver such a comprehensive package at such a competitive price is we do not front-load any of our prices. All of your manufacturer discounts are passed directly onto you, the franchisee, allowing you to become profitable as quickly as possible.

Here at the Shredquarters , we are most interested in your success than our bottom line.

If you are genuinely interested in looking at a top-quality gym franchise, why not drop us an enquiry and have a chat with one of our team.


This is where the real difference between our competitors and us becomes apparent.

Finding, negotiating and securing your premises – we have relationships with all major property portfolio firms and developers – so we can generally find a property where you want it to be.

All backroom systems, including member CRM systems, your Shredquarters member app where members book classes and purchase merchandise and any other add-on revenue forms.

Merchant account where the CRM system is linked to take all member card payments or direct debits.

Full two-week training for you and your staff at Shredquarters HQ.

Full pre-launch and continued marketing support and lead generation.

We include all equipment, flooring and gym fit-out in the £100k budget. You own the kit, no leasing at all. It belongs to you.

One of our managers will visit your gym when you open for the first 3-4 weeks. This enables you to be completely confident that when you open your doors, there is somebody with experience of opening a new Shredquarters gym. The Shredquarters is the only gym franchise to provide this service.

The Shredquarters also provides a comprehensive marketing and member acquisition package, all the way through from pre-launch to continued social media platform marketing and lead generation, including:

Local leaflet drops and adverts in local publications.

All platform social media, marketing, brand awareness and lead generation.


You don’t need gym class running experience to succeed with us. All that’s required is the ability to communicate, commercial astuteness and a passion for health and fitness from day one!

The right site is essential for this business. Every territory is different, so we will help you locate suitable premises for your first Shredquarters . Please remember that this part of the process can affect the start-up timeline, so don’t worry about meeting some pre-fixed schedule. Whatever works for you works for us. Being in a franchise means being the boss of your business but never being alone.

Get in touch to find out more!


Shredquarters actively encourages prospective franchisees to contact established franchisees. This is, for us, so important that we built it into our initial meeting and interviews. We have complete confidence in our model and franchisees.

“They delivered everything they said they would and much more. We had 60 paying members in our first 30 days, and that’s pretty impressive on a franchise model that only needs 300 members to be very lucrative!! We are so happy with the choice we made.”

Nisha & Karen, Shredquarters Twyford

“The help and support was incredible, and you can feel it from the first moment you meet them that these people genuinely want you to succeed. I even had one of the directors helping me decorate the gym because they knew I didn’t know anybody where I was and wanted me to feel valued and part of the team. Epic gym, epic people!”

Mike, Shredquarters Plymouth


Depending on the premises, the Shredquarters has so far established all its franchises for a maximum of £100,000.

Minimum Investment: £50,000 - £100,000

Minimum Liquid Capital: £50,000

Total investment required: £100,000

Financing: Up to 50% financing is available, subject to status.

Expected profit after two years: £100,000+


SQ UK | Insights from a Franchise
SQ UK | Insights from a Franchise
03 June 2021
An interview with Nisha and Karan, owners of The Shredquarters Twyford franchise.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen="" />
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen="" />
Shredquarters goes out live with the BBC!
Shredquarters goes out live with the BBC!
12 August 2019
When popular Thames Valley breakfast DJ Michelle Jordan took on her new role with the BBC, she knew exactly where her very first gig should be...! Michelle is a long-term member of The Shredquarters in Reading, and we were delighted she chose to broadcast live from Shred for her first ...

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