5 franchises for under £10,000


If you want to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself, then the training and support provided by a franchisor can be invaluable. 

And it doesn't have to break the bank. Here are five great franchises that will cost you less than £10,000.


Opportunity:  Hotels.tv
Field: Hotels
Cost: £5,000
Skills you’ll use: Sales, local area knowledge, hospitality

The deal: This hotel booking agency franchise allows you to specialise in an area that interests many people - hospitality. However rather than work at the front desk, Hotels.tv allows you to run your own home-based business. Their unique selling point is the use of video reviews in assessing the quality of hotels so that that customers can book in confidence.

You’ll be working with corporate, group and event clients, who require assistance from someone locally-based. Franchisees use cloud-based technology and are given an exclusive area on the www.hotels.tv public website to run their business from home.
Opportunity: Lawn3
Field: Lawn maintenance
Cost: £5,000
Skills you’ll use: Greenkeeping, sales, communication

The deal: If you’re green-fingered and like talking to your neighbours then you should run this franchise dealing in lawn treatment and advice. You’ll gain success by giving clients relevant lawn-care advice when they need it, keeping up to date with the changing weather conditions at affordable prices. Good customer service skills and a suburban base are key essentials to running your own lawn care business.

You’ll be taught a business and technical syllabus and can earn an IOG NVQ Level II Greenkeeper course specifically designed for the domestic lawn care industry, making you an expert in the field.
Opportunity: What’s On 4 Juniors
Field: Online and Children’s activities
Cost: £5,000
Skills you’ll use: Web communication, networking, local knowledge

The deal: This local franchise lets you run your own regional activities website. It will be suitable for you if you’re good at understanding what children and young adults like to do and you have a business or marketing background.

You'll have three ready-to-go What's On 4 Junior websites to manage and they’re constantly upgraded with the latest innovations. You’ll mostly work from home without the need for special equipment and can run this part-time if you need to transition from your current career. You’ll also manage an exhibition to network with your advertisers and help them come face-to-face with local residents and businesses. Crucially, you won’t even have to pay the £5,000 for the first three months of being your own boss. 
Opportunity: Telcoinabox
Field: Telecommunications
Cost: £6,000
Skills you’ll use: Sales, telecoms

The deal: If you fancy being your own telecoms provider, then sign up with Telcoinabox, and you can start offering mobile services, landlines, and broadband to customers. This is a sales-based opportunity for persuasive franchisees, but once accounts have been set up you’ll receive monthly recurring revenue for the remainder of all customer contracts. 

Training and advice is on hand from Telcoinabox, and crucially they will provide you with well-known wholesale telecoms products from leading providers using cost-effective systems. If you’re technology-focussed this is a great stand-alone business to run for yourself.
Opportunity: Ambience Venue Styling
Field: Interior design
Cost: £9,995
Skills you’ll use: Design, fashion, customer relationships 

The deal: If you’re keen to utilise your creative side in an enjoyable business then Venue Styling offers an artistic opportunity in a lucrative market - wedding venue styling. It's a home-based, fun industry, and suits those with good people as well as fashion skills.

You will be assisting brides and grooms find their perfect table linen, decorations, centre pieces, room interiors and accessories. It’s a niche business in a growing market place and you can directly operate the business yourself or focus on brand strategy and hiring and managing your own staff.

Too steep for you? Here are five fabulous franchises for under £5,000

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