Buying a plumbing franchise

Franchise facts

Plumbing franchise
Key info:
Management franchise, no plumbing experience needed, expansion encouranged
Franchise costs:
£29,995 + VAT
Potential earnings:
Depends on working hours and expansion rate

Daniel Morris, franchise manager of YourPlumber, on what running the business involves...

"It involves a certain degree of practical work in terms of going out, doing plumbing work for customers. In the longer term, as their business grows, their roles changes, and they become a manager of the business, going out and driving the business in terms of generating new customers for their employees.

"Some people take on the franchise in a management role in the outset. They have staff in vans and concentrate on other aspects of running the business."

On whether franchisees require plumbing experience...

"Because we’re looking for people to grow a multi-van business, people can run this from the start with no plumbing experience. But we do have a training course for people who want to learn plumbing that gets them qualified and competent to a residential plumbing level in a short period of time. So plumbing isn’t necessarily essential."

On whether any other skills or personal attributes are required...

"The key thing is the desire to grow a business. We work very closely with franchisees in a support sense, so there obviously must be a certain degree of chemistry between us."