The catering franchise opportunity

Cheaper than taking clients out for lunch, corporate catering flourished even through recession.

Nathan on how Jasper's has prospered...

The market has grown and even with the recession that’s just taken place, and which we’ve just come out the back of, we’ve continued to grow. Businesses understand that adding value to sales meetings, to training, to presentations, through food is important to help them convert and win more business.

In many ways the recession has driven our market even further up the pecking order.

People are training in-house more and they know that to get their people to buy into that they need to feed them. People are having more sales meetings to win business and they know that if you provide food people feel more of a sense of obligation and you get their attention more easily.

In many ways the recession has driven our market even further up the pecking order

The market research we’ve done shows that food is up there as number one or number two most important elements of a meeting. It’s not even the content of what it’s about!

Our market is quite fragmented with lots of little people out there trying to do their best but they can’t do what we can do. We’re set up professionally with all the systems and processes and training procedures and DVDs etc, which means we can deliver a high quality product and service.

On why corporate catering is increasingly preferred to taking clients out to eat...

As well as being cheaper, you’re taking them out of the company environment that you want them to buy into. If you can keep them in the office and get them to experience something positive in that place while you’re trying to cut a deal, you’ll get a better return.

What sets Jasper's apart from other caterers...

We have built from scratch the most phenomenal business management system you will ever know. I have a degree in philosophy and one of my skills is looking at problems and trying to simplify them.

We created this system where customers can order online and from that generate the production report, the invoicing, the delivery schedule, the packing report... it’s all done automatically.

So what that means is our franchisees can spend the vast majority of their time looking after the customer.

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