The eco-friendly cleaning franchise

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Sandra Neto
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Living Clean
Domestic cleaning franchise
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In past month
£9,995 (rising to £17,425 after the first tranche of franchisees)
The eco-friendly cleaning franchise
Living Clean’s first franchisee is relishing the leap she made from cleaner to entrepreneur this month.

Thirty-nine year old Sandra Neto, who has just finished her training with the company, tells BusinessWings about her reasons for choosing the environmentally friendly cleaning company.

Adam Bannister: What made you change your career path?

Sandra Neto: The challenge of running a business.

It’s different from cleaning offices every day! It’s a bit boring doing the same thing every day.

AB: So you’re enjoying a more wide-ranging role…

SN: Yeah, I get to manage and develop a company, rather than just cleaning.

I get to manage and develop a company, rather than just cleaning

AB: Does this include managing other people?

SN: Yes: I have one lady for the moment, but I’m looking to hire another one.

AB: How’s it going so far?

SN: It’s going well, but we need to get out more to encourage word of mouth, to let people know about the company, about the services and products.

AB: And how did you find out about this franchise?

SN: I did a business course, which finished in March this year.

I was trying to do something else, like car valeting, and then there was this announcement from Living Clean, by Julie Bishop [the founder]. She gave some information about what was going on, what she wanted to do and the kind of person she would be interested in. It sounded good, so I applied.

AB: What made you choose this franchise in particular?

SN: I have a franchisor quite close to where I live, basically in the same city. It was reassuring that whatever I needed would be just around the corner.

The other company was London-based. I find it easier, at least for me, having the mother – as I say! – around the corner. It’s quite handy if I have any questions or a particular situation.

AB: Were you concerned about being the first franchisee rather than joining a more established network?

SN: Yes, that’s why I went to an interview. We talked about it and Julie cleared up any doubts, showing me what was going on, how the system worked, how the training worked.

AB: What advice would you give to someone looking for a franchise to buy?

SN: They really have to make sure that they can trust what they’ve been told about the company.

Sometimes you can have a gut feeling that you’re with the right company, with the right person. But you should always do the market research anyway, just to confirm that this is true.

It’s hard work, and you have to be prepared for that.

Also, having the right training is an important part of a franchise.


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