The travel internet franchise

Interview with...

James Street & Neil Waller
Both 26
Set up business during university
Business:, a global travel guide
Est. Marbella, now 50+ destinations
Trading for:
Four years

James Street on the frustrations of being an 'ideas man'...

"Even today we have a million ideas that we want to break out. It’s quite frustrating actually being tied into one business - not being able to shoot off and do whatever you want, and start another business and another business.

"Hopefully one day we’ll get to that stage where we’re in the position to do any ideas we have."

Neil Waller on why franchising is such a reliable method of growing a business...

"From what we’ve learnt so far we would always try and franchise a business, because of what it gives you in terms of the cash flow and in terms of the dedication of the people getting involved."

James Street on how buying a franchise is an easier way into business...

"I love some franchises out there, like Wagamama for instance, which I can see working here.

"And it’s such a safe business model. No way would we want to go through what we went thorugh from scratch.

"Starting a business is tough, an uphill battle. Trying to get to where we as the franchisor is extremely difficult. So if someone’s got a great idea and it’s making money then why not take a franchise."


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