A festive selection - our favourite franchise features from 2014


As 2014 draws to a close here at FranchiseSales.com, we reflect on another great year of franchise editorial.

Here are our top 5 picks from 2014:


1. We like to keep up to date with celebrity antics - doesn't everyone? We thought we knew it all...until we discovered how many stars have invested in franchises. If it's good enough for Kanye....

Celebrities love in invest in fast-food franchises - are UK celebrities missing a trick?


2. Investing in a franchise means entering into a business relationship...and all relationships need work. There's nothing wrong with a little damage limitation so here we look at possible points of conflict and how to avoid them.

The franchise relationship - what to do when things turn sour


3. Franchises can be as niche as you can get these days - and a franchise that specialises in refurbishing alloy wheels is fairly out there. But, as long as you have a passion for your work, you will succeed. We met happy and highly motivated Wheel Specialist franchisee, John Tice, who is living proof of that...

The Wheel Specialist


4. We know the franchising model works - the hundreds of successful franchisors seeking franchisees on our site are proof of that. From its first incarnation in the fast food industry to the myriad business sectors it now inhabits, franchising has come a long way. As champions of the business structure, we couldn't be happier to discover how franchising is now helping the world's poorest to better their lives.

Franchising for a better world


5. Franchising is often a perfect second career option after starting a family. Offering flexible hours, ongoing support and a relatively low-risk, it's no wonder so many parents choose the franchise option. Creative and energetic, Sarah Finan has always loved kids ...so after having her own, a Creation Station franchise was the perfect match.

The Creation Station


6. When thinking about taking your passion further and making a living out of it - there is more than one option. You could set about starting your own business or invest in an existing franchise. The decision requires a little self-reflection...this article may help you make your mind up.

Are you a Beth or a Fiona? Two ways to turn a hobby into a career


7. Pawn-broking is not what it used to be. That's what cheerful and honest Cashbrokers franchisee, Nick Adamson tells us. Maybe the first choice on your franchise shopping list...but could Nick change your mind?



8. Finding the right franchisor is vital to a successful franchise endeavour. Integrity and tranparency are top of our list. Here are a few more for your checklist...

Top 5 attributes you should look for in a franchisor


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