BFA membership & ethical franchising

Interview with...

Mike Goddard, British Franchise Association (BFA) chairman 
How the BFA vets prospective members and why franchisees should only consider affiliated franchises
British and International Franchise Exhibition, London
March 2009

Goddard on the importance of choosing a British Franchise Association-affiliated franchise...

"Potential franchisees are well advised to look at someone who is a member of the BFA, because we've accredited our members very thoroughly and vigorously through a standards-based system. Therefore when you're looking to buy a franchise there are a number of ticks in the boxes that have been done already done for you."

On how franchisors become BFA members...

"You can't become a member of the BFA just by paying your cheque. You've got to go through a rigorous accreditation process, which makes sure we keep the standards of ethical franchising high."

On the organisation's role...

"We don't want the government to regulate us; we're trying to be self-regulating. We want to involve as many people as we can in the industry – franchisees, franchisors and anyone who supplies services to the franchising industry. We can show the government they should leave us alone, because we already represent everyone in the industry."

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