British Franchise Association launches awards


The British Franchise Association (bfa) has launched the HSBC Franchisee of the Year Awards, supported by Express Newspapers. 

The awards are now open for entries and the bfa is calling for franchisors to nominate their most accomplished franchisees to recognise their successes at the industry-leading event.

In addition to crowing the UK's most outstanding franchisee, five new categories have been added, and are now open for entries. 

New award categories for the bfa HSBC Franchisee of the Year Awards are: 

  • Customer Service Franchisee Award – This award identifies excellence in customer service, looking at those who go above and beyond expectations which not only drive new customer bases and retain valued clients, but also have a direct positive impact on the franchise
  • Long-Serving Franchisee Award – Franchisees who have been operating their business for 10 years or more are eligible for this award which will recognise an individual’s successes and achievements, both personally and for the wider network
  • Young Franchisee of the Year – Franchisees aged 30 and under can enter this category which will celebrate the triumphs and enterprising nature of the nation’s successful young talent
  • Micro-Business of the Year Award – Mobile and home-based businesses run by a single operator or a couple, with no more than one part-time employee, are eligible to enter this award which will showcase the attainments and successes of the smaller franchise operations
  • Female Franchisee of the Year Award – The UK’s most accomplished female franchisees will be recognised for their drive and commitment to achieving fantastic results through best business practice and passion for their brand

Franchisors have until the 12th July to nominate their chosen franchisees. Finalists will be invited for an interview with the judging panel on 21st and 22nd August.

Winners will be announced at a gala dinner held at the ICC in Birmingham on 3rd October.

Cathryn Hayes, Head of Franchising, HSBC, said: “Each year we are captivated by the sheer passion and drive of the UK’s franchisees - they produce extraordinary results for their businesses. The bfa HSBC Franchisee of the Year Awards celebrate the forward-thinking business mentalities held by leading franchisees who are not only delivering fantastic tangible results, but are held with high regard amongst their peers, colleagues, competitors and customers." 

"HSBC are delighted to be supporting these awards, now in their 24th year, and I am looking forward to hearing about the exciting and innovative ways franchisees are pushing their businesses forward.”

Brian Smart, Director General, bfa, said: “This year, we have refreshed the categories for entries to showcase inspirational stories from micro-business franchisees to highlighting long-serving professionals who have greatly impacted their businesses over a period of ten years of more."

"We urge franchisors of all sectors and sizes to nominate their most inspirational franchisees to be put forward for these great accolades. The bfa champions best business practice and we look forward to highlighting and praising the UK’s most impressive success stories at the gala dinner in October.”

Sean Hammond, Head of Franchising, Express Newspapers, said: “The 2012 bfa HSBC Franchisee of the Year Awards set the bar extremely high with the UK’s franchisees demonstrating excellence in business practice. This year, we’re keen to hear from franchisees who are going from strength to strength to achieve inspiring results for their business, which in turn we hope will encourage others to consider the wealth of opportunities the franchising business model can offer.” 

For further information, visit or call the bfa on 01235 820470. 

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