Consultancy Franchise offers Escape From Public Sector


Established in the UK in 1992, Expense Reduction Analysts is a leading cost management consultancy franchise dedicated to reducing costs and improving profits through a tailored cost, purchase and supplier management™ service.

Each year, Expense Reduction Analysts support businesses through the facilitation of detailed cost management practices. Their network of over 150 consultants provides cost reduction expertise, maximising return on investment for our clients.

In conjunction with them, we present below a guide to breaking free with the safety and security of a tested and supportive partner.

Becoming Self Employed: Escaping the public sector

The public sector has been struggling for the last couple of years and with a double dip recession possibly on the horizon it is likely even more cuts will be made to the sector. With job security no longer guaranteed and unemployment on the rise now may be the perfect time to venture out on your own. But have you ever thought about franchising as an alternative?

Not all franchises are ‘hands-on’ or van based, with the UK economy benefiting greatly from the increase in ‘white collar franchises’, which utilise the previous skills that a prospective franchisee has learnt and developed throughout their career.

I’ve never been my own boss

It can seem a daunting prospect, being in control of your own destiny and becoming solely accountable for your own actions, but this is the case for franchisees across the UK with the majority of those feeling empowered about the aspect of having control of their own business.

“We find that those that join Expense Reduction Analysts really enjoy being their own boss and find it a liberating experience. That said support is on hand whenever needed, either through dedicated business coaches, or just by picking up the telephone” says David Cartwright, Learning & Development Manager for Expense Reduction Analysts.

How much am I worth?

When of the serious benefits of white collar franchising is the ability to rapidly increase your income in comparison with the public sector. Whereas public sector works are pegged into discrete pay brackets, which are relatively inflexible; the opportunity to earn drastically in excess of this is an appealing proposition for those who consider franchising.

“One of the benefits of joining a franchise such as Expense Reduction Analysts is the chance to earn what you are really worth, which can be really liberating” says Chris Haines, an established consultant with Expense Reduction Analysts.

Public Sector v Corporate Life

Research carried out by Expense Reduction Analysts has highlighted that the biggest barrier to moving out of the public sector is the how someone will make the transition to corporate life.

However, an established franchise will provide the necessary framework and support needed to make the transition.

Expense Reduction Analysts recognise the important that anyone should have the opportunity to run their own business and have developed an extensive 5 week training programme, created to enable people without the industry experience to go and work with companies within that sector.

Transferable Skills?

Public sector workers often say that they don’t have any transferable skills and this is not true – in fact within the franchising sector, many of the key skills required to become a successful business owner are already developed.

The public sector can be characterised by specialist work, which can sometimes feel like a hindrance when searching for a new opportunity when redundancy looms, however with the support from dedicated business coaches ERA are able to identify the transferable skills and strengths

Escape the rat race

There is no hiding that the life of an Expense Reduction Analysts franchisee is completely different to that of a public sector worker, with many consultants enjoying the benefits of flexible working hours, frequent holidays and the financial freedoms also.

When considering all of these options, it is no surprise that public sector workers and white collar franchises such as Expense Reduction Analysts are regarded as the perfect match.

Find out more

Expense Reduction Analysts is an established UK consultancy at the forefront of Cost, Purchase & Supplier management – achieving average savings of 19.7% for their clients, through a network of franchised consultants. Franchisees are from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from sales & marketing roles, banking, and the public sector too.

Many existing franchised consultants have benefited from attending an Expense Reduction Analysts discovery seminar, a free no-obligation opportunity designed so that you will meet the Expense Reduction Analysts team and be presented with an overview of their business model and why it works so well.

In addition you will be given a clear explanation as to why Expense Reduction Analysts franchised partners generate turnover between £70K - £200k PA as a single operator consultancy PLUS how  consultancy practice teams turnover figures between £300k - £500k PA!

Spaces are extremely limited, so request your place now to avoid disappointment.