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Kareem Naaman, Bar Sport franchisee for Maidenhead, outlines what it takes to be a success at the market-leading sports bar and food franchise...

“I think as long as you have an understanding of the Bar Sport concept... that’s actually one of the nice things about Bar Sport: that they don’t dictate how things should be.

“All the ideas I’ve had, as long as they fit in with the concept and the model and the idea of Bar Sport and what they represent there is no real issue.

“And Bar Sport have stressed to me that new franchisees coming up with new ideas should be encouraged to share them with other franchisees as well.

“Someone could come up with a really good idea that can be rolled out among all franchisees. Bar Sport has a lot of things going on all under one roof all at once, so you need a lot of determination and drive. I’m not an expert in the industry; this is my first time doing something like this.

“Just an understanding of the concept itself and how important the sport is for Bar Sport...”

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