Fitness Franchise Continues to Grow


The Fit4less by énergie brand portfolio has reached its 13th opened club.

The group will soon to be 14 clubs with the imminent opening of Stockport, in just over 18 months with the recent openings of Fit4less Chesham and Hartlepool; now the énergie Group has set a target of 45 openings in the next two years.

The no frills and no contract model has outstripped previously set targets both in the UK and abroad; plus Fit4less franchisees are experiencing an average of 700 members in pre-sales prior to the club doors even opening. Fit4less in Tower Hill, London opened in September 2010 and has recently reported membership total of 1,400 with an average growth of 200 per month.

Fit4less in Hartlepool has recorded over 700 sales in just three months and Chesham 350 since opening just one and a half months ago. 

Fit4less franchisees have also identified a new trend in the membership portfolio; with over a third of new members having never set foot in a fitness club before. On average, less than 40% of new members claimed to have never been part of a gym previously, which Brand and Marketing Director for énergie, David Beattie says is changing trends in the fitness industry; “The Fit4less offering is attractive to a much wider audience. Fitness enthusiasts historically deterred by long term commitment and escalating fees now have a clearly defined alternative to the traditional established health club groups.

“Fit4less is upbeat and a bit cheeky, which we have found to be a fun and effective way to communicate with a new audience. The marketing before and during the launch campaign grabs headlines and creates a real stir in the community but it is all done in a tasteful and respectful way. Online social media has also played a large part in building awareness that has enabled us to communicate even more closely with members and prospective members.”

Part of the cost-saving exercise within the Fit4less model is to drive people online to join, something that social media such as Facebook and Twitter has encouraged. The online system has been incorporated into the club’s opening that fits seamlessly with the cost-cutting concept. Additionally, no member will receive a membership card. Access to the gym is by a biometric fingerprint identification system that is the first to be introduced in a UK gym.  

This week, énergie launches the new Fit4less website,, which demonstrates the brand’s need to expand and evolve to satisfy demand and customer interaction. 

David adds: “The website really illustrates our progression as a brand. The simple to use online joining facility is ground-breaking and one of, if not the best facility in the industry that gives our franchisees a unique administrative support function while giving customers an easy joining process.” 

Fit4less’ message is simple: The Smart Affordable Gym.